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Arctic Monkeys Wannabes: Listen Up
Can you cover the 'Monkeys?

NME is looking for bands who 'borrow' a tune or two from Sheffield's finest

How much do you love the Arctic Monkeys? If you're in a band that boasts a cover of one of the Sheffield upstarts' hits in your set, NME wants to hear from you.

Think you do a nifty version of 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor'? Got 'When The Sun Goes Down' down pat?

Let us know and you could be the stars of a forthcoming NME article, no doubt ensuring that record companies and A&R men will come knocking at your door. Possibly.

You don't need to have played any gigs or be signed - in fact it's better if you're not.

All you need to do is send an email with Arctic as the subject that includes your contact details, a brief band biography and a picture to [email protected] by January 24 and your band could feature in NME.

Source: NME
20 Jan 2006

Arctic Monkeys on Cover of NME
For the second time, Arctic Monkeys will be the main front cover feature on this week's NME magazine.

According to NME, the magazine will talk about the upcoming Shockwaves NME Awards Tour, the new Arctic Monkeys "classic album" and the REAL story behind the band who'll rule 2006.

This week's NME is available nationwide now. go to for more info.
18 Jan 2006

BBC Single and Album Report: Audio Download
From BBC:

The second single from the Arctic Monkeys is released on Monday, a week ahead of their debut album.

Both single and album are expected to top the charts, thanks to a loyal fanbase built up via the internet. Rebecca Jones reports.

17 Jan 2006

Arctic Monkeys Play Down Expectation
Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner fears the hype surrounding the band could make their forthcoming debut album a "disappointment".

The band's first LP 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' is released next Monday following months of plaudits from the music press.

But Turner fears the media attention is out of control and expectations about the record could be too high.

"For where we're at it is too much, compared to what stage we're at as a band," he said.

"We're just starting really. [The attention] sets the record up to be a disappointment.

"As good as we know it is, it's like it'll be built up to such a thing that if it doesn't cure cancer or solve inner city poverty or something it'll be a disaster. But people get carried away, don't they? Fair enough."

Drummer Matt Helders added: "It's flattering for people to say we're the next big thing.

"It's nice to hear. But you don't want it to go so far that it's not about the music, that it's about people being told to like it.

"I don't want people to like us for the wrong reasons. But I think people aren't stupid. They can see through it and realise that they do actually like us."

Source: Virgin
17 Jan 2006

Preview The New Arctic Monkeys Album Now!
So the good people at Domino have already given us previews of "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" and "When The Sun Goes Down" but now you can preview the FULL album right now.

This is another flash e-card which gives you 1 minute previews of all 13 songs on the album. The mini site also contains photos, videos and a biography of the lads.
15 Jan 2006


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