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When The Sun Goes Down - Sneak Preview!
The official website of Arctic Monkeys' label Dmino Records have put up an e-card for the upcoming single "When The Sun Goes Down". This is a mini page on the label's website which allows you to preview the upcoming single AND the b-sides - "Settle For A Draw", "Seve"n and "Stickin To The Floor".

To view the flash e-card, CLICK HERE
13 Jan 2006

New Faces: Arctic Monkeys (Rolling Stone Magazine)
How the U.K. teens became the next Franz Ferdinand

Alex Turner, frontman for British foursome Arctic Monkeys, is a scrawny nineteen-year-old with spotty skin who mumbles like the shyest kid in your freshman dorm. He's also England's fastest-rising rock star. Arctic Monkeys' first single, the rambunctious guitar blast "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor," debuted at Number One there in October, thanks to a fan base that grew around free MP3s of the band's demos.

"One minute we were at college and stuff," says Turner, who still lives in his parents' house in a suburb of Sheffield, England. "And the next minute all this happens." Even though their debut album, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, won't be released in the States until February 21st, Arctic Monkeys sold out a U.S. tour last fall; at the New York opener, Turner begged overexcited hipsters to stop snapping pictures for their blogs.

The band has since won praise from the likes of Mick Jagger and the Strokes. But three years ago, Arctic Monkeys were just another group of teenage friends messing around in a garage with instruments they couldn't play. "We just wanted to be a band -- playing anything was quite an achievement," says nineteen-year-old drummer Matt Helders. After months of thrashing through Vines and White Stripes covers, Turner began bringing in his own songs. The breakthrough was "Fake Tales of San Francisco," a hooky, sharply observed nightlife portrait, with ska rhythms and one Elvis Costello-worthy pun: "All the weekend rock stars are in the toilet/Practicing their lines."

At local gigs, the group gave away home-burned demo CDs of its punky, Brit-poppy tunes, which evoke Blur and the Libertines. Soon, fans posted the songs online, and ever-larger crowds of kids were singing along with Turner's uncannily smart lyrics. Last spring, Arctic Monkeys ended a bidding war by signing with U.K. indie label Domino Records, home to Franz Ferdinand.

The band hopes the hype from its fairy-tale ascent won't distract from its music. "We wanted to find a sound separate from changing styles and times," says Turner. "More than anything, we just want our album to be remembered."

Source: Rolling Stone
13 Jan 2006

Arctic Monkeys Up For Brit Award
This year's Brit Awards sees Arctic monkeys up for an award.

The band have been nominated in the category for best "British Breakthrough Act" alongside James Blunt, Kaiser Chiefs, KT Tunstall and The Magic Numbers.

To see the rest of the categories and nominees, and to take a look at the news story which shows Arctic Monkeys and how bands use the internet to get recognised, follow the links below:

Full List of Nominees
BBC Lunchtime News Video
10 Jan 2006

New Design, Obviously
So what does everybody think of the new design? Credit to Dan for the general layout, and everything else, until i fix the header, which basically means making it a fully rounded rectangle.

Let us know what you think.
07 Jan 2006

Album Rush Release Was NOT Due To Leak
We previously reported that the new Arctic Monkeys album was being rush released due to the album leaking online but according to their label "Domino Records", the album release date has been brought forward due to a quicker than expected manufacturing process.

Laurence Bell of Domino Records explained:

"People are always putting albums back so we thought it would be fun to bring some forward. We did the same with Franz Ferdinand. The manufacturing went quicker than anticipated and the thinking is that the albums are going to do more good if they are in the shops rather than sat in the Domino warehouse for an extra week. And the sooner people can hear this incredible record the better. It's going to be the soundtrack to 2006."
06 Jan 2006


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