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'Monkeys Returning To The US and Down Under

when are tickets on sale?

By jenny on 12 Apr 2006 05:05 am

never mind! purchased already :)

By jennny on 12 Apr 2006 05:44 am

WHY DONT THEY TOUR MORE IN ENGLAND, maybe then tickets would be less than a hundred and fifty fucking quid

its not them, its the management, or whoever deals with it

they're a brit band who care more about america

well they can fuck off from now on.

By rob on 12 Apr 2006 10:14 am

youre a faggot.

By john on 12 Apr 2006 01:48 pm

ive gone off arctic monkeys now

By keith murray on 12 Apr 2006 02:41 pm

Jeez, I think they just tour a hell lot.... still people have to complain, ever get it right ... anyhow, my respect and thx four touring at all and this much (and I`m in Germany, when will they come to germany...... hmm... )

By Sky on 12 Apr 2006 05:52 pm

Forgot to add tour dates in Canada, last of tour is in Toronto, Canada on June 17th, sold out in 4 hours and i got 4 tickets, woooooo.
p.s. they were just here in like feb. but in much smaller venues, i know in Toronto they played for only 200-300 people, this time its at a venue that holds 2000-3000.

By Ptree on 12 Apr 2006 06:17 pm

and Sky they coming 2 germany soon i think, i saw the next tour date after Toronto and I think it was in germany, check your local vendors/websites for info.

By ptree on 12 Apr 2006 06:23 pm

smile id never go off the arctic monkeys even if they tpur america more than they do england. to be honest i cnt get enough of them lol!

By aimi on 14 Apr 2006 10:47 pm

wassat wow hating on Arctic Monkeys because they're in America? am getting the feeling you're not real fans...

By Laney on 15 Apr 2006 04:15 am

Hey im from the US & i luv the band so what if they're touring this side of the world?? do u seriously think they'd rather be stuck playing in the UK only? start ur own band & u'll understand..I have to drive 6 hours just to see em in June ok..and I know it's gonna be worth it!!!

By b4uwerePunk on 15 Apr 2006 08:09 pm

the Uk is a small market, the US is a huge market, aka extensive US touring!!! No band has made it until they make it in the US, PERIOD. might sell 5 million albums in the UK, but nobody in the States knows who they are.(small fan base)-compared to other acts.

By jacob on 17 Apr 2006 02:38 am

You guys are lucky and don't know! I'm from Brazil and they have never appeared here... so fcking far away... sad

By Murilo on 17 Apr 2006 12:13 pm

ME AND MY M8S MET ALEX TURNER ON SATURDAY AFTER THE NEWCASTLE GIG!!!! 2nd shout out 2 Boro aswell gud lad geordies wer luvin tht tongue ..gave me a hug n ad a chat.. u can tell thyr knackered alredy but their new set and songs r proper 'reet gud'

By Anne-Marie on 17 Apr 2006 07:19 pm


By john on 18 Apr 2006 01:04 am

meeting them isnt a big deal, getting on their tour bus is, ahhaha, i did it in Austin when they came for the south by southwest festival. beat that, , ps. they had more booze on that bus than id seen in one place at one time in my entire life, yes i see libertines part 2.

By alex on 18 Apr 2006 04:18 am

this website is fukin shokin for updates! its bin a week since the last update! angry

By scummy on 18 Apr 2006 10:22 am

Its usually good for updates, the webmaster is probably gone away for easter. wink

By aaron on 18 Apr 2006 11:02 am

that's right.

ive been out drinking all easter weekend. i do have a life you know.

and saturday i was seeing the lads.

there'll probably be some updates today but i didn't see THAT much news worth reporting recently, so i might give you all some bootlegs ;)

By kane on 18 Apr 2006 01:08 pm

you can't expect there to be new stories posted every day. if they were, they sure would be boring.

By dan on 18 Apr 2006 05:23 pm

ye well at least on they told us the setlist of the first gig they did on the uk tour which i mite add i am going to at brixton wink

By scummy on 18 Apr 2006 09:49 pm

who cares. they have 3 consecutive news articles about a competition. you really think first time visitors want to hear about that? no.

By dan on 19 Apr 2006 02:05 am

Am I blind or is Chicago not on the list?

By Dana on 26 Apr 2006 01:03 am

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