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"Arctic Monkeys Are The Greatest Band In The World" - Chris Martin

Does Chris Martin ever piss any one off wassat, even Liam likes him.

By theCapt on 14 Feb 2006 04:31 pm

how could anyone dislike a man who writes songs about floaty nothingness! loveable to the last. i would point out im a coldplay fan.

By TheH on 14 Feb 2006 05:36 pm

So am I but he never annoys anyone which is it's self annoying

By theCapt on 14 Feb 2006 05:46 pm

can see what you mean, this calls for a celebrity death match between noel gallgher(sp) and chris, on the brit awards red carpet. no holds barred.

By TheH on 14 Feb 2006 06:01 pm

I agree with him; they beat the riffs of ordinary boys, and the lyrics

By Adz on 15 Feb 2006 08:18 am

got to love chris martin smile

By Chris on 15 Feb 2006 07:18 pm

angry this is bulls**t man
were the best

By Liam Gallagher on 15 Feb 2006 08:57 pm

By Alex on 16 Feb 2006 03:32 pm

WOW! i've been waiting for months for the Arctic Mokeys album to come to AUSTRALIA!!!! and FINALLY! YESSSSSS! I'm sooooo impressed! Keep up the fuking great work boys, i love your music!
BY THE WAY...COLDPLAY ARENT SPLITTING UP! Like the said on the radio this morning in Adelaide! I didn't think they were, they have such a deep bond between each other it was too hard to be true lol!

By Caprichsia on 17 Feb 2006 10:02 am

the arctic mokeys are OK i suppose, but far to mediocre to make such a big deal out of...AND WHAT MORE ONE OF THEM SAID THE SEX PISTOLS WER "SHIT" maybe he is right but at least they were interesting

By jason on 17 Jun 2007 05:18 pm

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