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What You Get For Singing About Bouncers

That bouncer is such an asshole. but it is kinda funny laughing

By Stephen Day on 30 Apr 2006 07:37 pm

well I mean, if you don't have ID... the guy was just doing his job. Alex's attitude is so annoying he used to seem rather nice but he's just... blah

By Laney on 30 Apr 2006 07:50 pm

verarscht wink oh well, maybe there will eb another song about bouncers ;-)

By Sky on 30 Apr 2006 07:51 pm

on that note, I think it's hilarious that the guy didn't think he was 18 =D

By Laney on 30 Apr 2006 07:51 pm

to be honest i think dat stroy is a bit bollox - alex dusnt av dat attitude, e wouldnt be dat cocky angry

By jord on 30 Apr 2006 08:22 pm

Dont' believe the Iiiiiiiiipe!

By kennyr on 30 Apr 2006 08:30 pm

Dont believe the iiiiiiiipe! Alex's iiiiipe that is. Looks betta this way.

By Kennyr on 30 Apr 2006 08:32 pm

So did Matt get in?

By dan0211 on 30 Apr 2006 08:43 pm

awwww poor alex!
tht bouncer sounds like an idiot in a suit!
where has he been livin 4 a year!

By emy on 30 Apr 2006 09:01 pm

bouncer doing his job, and alex said "i dont need id" fuck him, lol, but its gossip no one can prove that shit, for all we know alex had sex with the bouncer.

By fackem on 01 May 2006 12:02 am

Whey! thats funny but alex did seem a bit cocky

By Cress on 01 May 2006 08:03 am

that story sounds like it has been invented by someone who doesnt seem to like alex turner

By rockwerchterherewecome on 01 May 2006 09:38 am

fair play to the bouncer... only doin his job right? and his status as lead man of arctic monkeys doesnt prove anythin. fame gettin to some1s head ?

By andy on 01 May 2006 11:19 am

Fair play to the bouncer...

But I bet he was a jealous cunt laughing

By 4kings on 01 May 2006 11:47 am


By qw on 01 May 2006 11:49 am

all bouncers are like that in sheffield! they jus doing their job!

By SheffGal on 01 May 2006 02:20 pm

No offence but I think this story is bollocks. They seem pretty down to earth and stuff and I don't know them personally or anything ha. I wish I did but what I'm trying to say is, they seems like a quiet lot, like it seems out of character for such a quiet band to have an outburst like I'm so and so and blah. You know. I don't think I made sense there but hey!

By Angela on 01 May 2006 02:29 pm

yeah thats a point- for all the lads do like being quiet and not doing totp, it would be unlikely for alex to come out with a line like that....

By living on 01 May 2006 08:24 pm

True or not, the bouncer totally owned Alex.

By the_franzy_one on 02 May 2006 01:37 am

i have the same fuckin problem!!!! angry

By Lena on 02 May 2006 09:45 am

if alex was liam, the bouncer would now be in the hospital wink

By hellraiser on 02 May 2006 01:12 pm

Don't believe the iiiiipe, sounds like a PR stunt to me to promote the Album.

By keenyr on 02 May 2006 04:07 pm

dunno what you people have...true or not I would have probably said the same thing... he`s got a point there wink outburst or fame to the head hahahaha I would have said the same.... laughing

By Sky on 02 May 2006 04:49 pm

That story is a load of bollocks imo. Al wouldn't say something like that, Andy's bro agrees... and he has connections and that. hah

By . on 02 May 2006 10:06 pm

i dont think that this story is true, i dont care if its true, all i know is alex is a hot mother f-word. and i love the band. but i doubt he'd say "I DONT NEED ID, IM ALEX TURNER" becuase he dosent seem that full of himself or gay. besides anyone that would say that needs a nice swift pimp slap, and i dont think alex needs one laughing

By CANADA on 02 May 2006 10:33 pm

alex is an arrogant twat, isnt he.

By Matt on 03 May 2006 06:34 pm

poor Alex crying

By ksjusha. on 04 May 2006 01:52 pm


By lia on 31 May 2006 10:23 am

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